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Stain Finish & Paint

When it comes to finishing your project, our expert team of finishers use state-of-the-art paint and stain materials. We will match any existing color, or create a custom one to achieve the look you want.

Our process begins with our highly skilled craftsman hand sanding each surface of wood to ensure that the finished product will be free of any blemishes or inconsistencies. The second step is to apply the first coat of your finish color. In between each coat, one of our specialists hand rubs the entire surface to bring out the deepest characteristics of the wood.  

The final step is applying the finish sealer, which will protect your masterpiece for many years to come.


The installation process is as equally important as the finishing process and requires the skill set of a great craftsman.  


Our installation experts have many years of experience.  Final Touch takes great pride in making sure that the finished product looks like a neatly placed piece of fine furniture once it’s installed in your home.  


Upon completion of the installation, we take painstaking measures to ensure there isn’t any evidence indicating a contractor was present.

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