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Laurel & Tony

Naples, FL

Rob, I just finished writing you a fairly sizable check and I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was. We can not believe the difference the new doors make inside and out. They add light beauty, value and truly personalize our home. And the best thing is that we get to see them every day. Just incredible! To simply call them doors is an injustice. They are museum quality works of art. We're proud of our new entry way and we're happy to share the experience we had throughout the process with anyone. Just give us a call. Thank you for all your time and effort you put into our project. 

E.H. Van Hosen

Naples, FL

Dear Rob Glownia (Final Touch),


Our Marco Island Dream Home 2004 -"Villa Venezia" project has been exceedingly successful. We received Six Sand Dollar Awards, including the grand Award for Perdesct Scores, Home of the Year! Your team was essential contributors to the success of th project. Your track record and integrity were important factors in our decision to work with you on a time-material basis. That trusting working relationship was very important when it came to getting everything right. We like to create some of our very special features as we go so it would not be feasible to have all out trim and carpentry done on a fixed bid basis. Villa Venezia was completed in only 16 months - The Sand Dollar Judges were amazed - and you and your team were very important to that. Your reliability and skills were also very important. Villa Venezia has some of the most challenging mouldings and ceilings ever called for - your team was up for the challenge. All those who visit the home come away most impressed with your work. In recognition for your contributions I am pleased to present you with a specially produced crystal glass Sand Dollar Trophy together with a Certificate of Excellence Plaque. You have earned the right to receive recognition as an "Honored Contributor" member of the Vangaurd Development Team. With great respect and appreciation,

John P.

Naples, FL

Our cabinets look great! Thanks to everyone involved for their excellent work and attention to detail.

Connie Sullivan

Naples, FL

Good morning Rob,   Our sincerest thanks for sending Carl and Allen our way to finish the detail work on the ceiling beams. We are so appreciative for your time to listen and for your team and their remarkable talents. Our beams are just as we imagined. Stunning! Again, our many thanks for your help.

Cynthia & Allan Cook

Naples, FL

Rob Glownia of Final Touch Moulding and Cabinetry created a work of art in building and installing a floor to ceiling bookcase. Additionally, it was finished on time and the professional crew made sure the area in which they worked was spotless. Obviously, we highly recommend this company.

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