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Schedule an Appointment

Call us at (239) 948-7856 to schedule an appointment. 


One of our associates will visit your home to get an idea of the space we will be working with. Special considerations will be taken into account such as existing plumbing and electrical lines, as well as air conditioning ducts.


Let Us Get to Know You

Tell us what you envision for your home's project. Share your ideas, needs and style preferences. We will create a look that is personally and expertly customized to your taste.


We'll Create a Custom Drawing

Following our meeting, our designer will create an initial CAD drawing based on your input that he feels will suit your needs and special requests. 


Finalizations and Approval

After reviewing the drawing with you, we will discuss the layout and functionality and begin making any necessary modifications to ensure we have met all objectives for your project.


A CAD drawing will be finalized and approved by you so the building process can begin.


Building Your Custom Project

Our team of specialized cabinet builders will begin to craft your project into perfection.



Once your design has been crafted, our team of artisan finishers begin their work. Whether you want paint or stain, we do it all. 



The installation process is as equally important as the finishing process and requires the skill set of a great craftsman.  


Our installation experts have many years of experience.  Final Touch takes great pride in making sure that the finished product looks like a neatly placed piece of fine furniture once it’s installed in your home.  Upon completion of the installation, we take painstaking measures to ensure there isn’t any evidence indicating a contractor was present.

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